North America

PROTO SPEC Z – VIN-Validated Series-Plate Kits

The Z Car Club Association ( is pleased to offer Proto Spec Nissan Z owners the ability to procure a series-specific plate for North American market Z. Nissan has entrusted the VIN list to the ZCCA and this information is being used to help Proto Spec owners obtain a plate through our program.

The Proto Spec plate-package being provided is offered at $50 (shipping included):

  • A ZCCA-authenticated series plate with your Proto Spec's "#" out of 240. The plate itself is brushed stainless steel and will have mounting tape pre-installed. Instructions for placement and mounting will be provided.
  • ZCCA letter of authenticity accompanying the plate - printed on Japanese rice-paper and signed by an officer of the ZCCA. The letter will be housed in a custom black folder suitable for displaying the letter.
  • Each plate's delivery will register the car with the ZCCA. Duplicate plates will not be permitted, however, should one be damaged, it may be sent back for replacement.

Applicants must provide photo of owner's name with ability to show current ownership (i.e. photo of registration or title with personal information obscured - need to see name and VIN to validate). This step is to reduce the risk of attempts to obtain a plate-kit without being an owner.

Target ship-dates for plate-kit is before the end of May!  Click the link below to purchase - we'll reach out after order-receipt to validate your ownership and get your kit out when produced. 🙂

ZCCA PROTO SPEC Nissan Z (RZ34) Series Plate
ZCCA PROTO SPEC Nissan Z (RZ34) Series Plate
ZCCA Nissan Z Proto Spec Series-Plate Kit (RZ34)