North America

Join ZCCA!

The Z Car Club Association's mission is to help new Z-Clubs form & grow.

We were chartered to be the "grassroots" of the Z community and continue to strive to provide a reference point to the history and heritage of the Z.

If you are considering creating a club in your area, the process is fairly straight-forward to have the ZCCA help you create the foundation structure for your club and have it "sanctioned" with the ZCCA.  Our Clubs are part of a global community with ties into the oldest Z-Car Clubs in Japan and abroad.

Getting Started:

  • Contact the ZCCA at: for assistance.
  • Get a domain/website or social-based presence for your website.
  • Find your Club Officers to help lead your Club
  • Gather members and create enthusiasm for a regional z car club in your area.
  • Apply to the ZCCA (see Downloads page for New Club Application)
    • Follow instructions and send in as denoted on the form.

ZCCA "Sanctioned" Club Requirements:

  • Establish a name and purpose for the club with the Nissan/Datsun "Z" as it's primary focus
  • Establish Officers (i.e. President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer...)
  • Create basic by-laws for how the club will operate
  • Fill out the New Club Application
    • Costs are nominal for base membership - $3/member/year for a minimum of 10-members.
    • Liability insurance membership is closer to $10/member/year which helps provide protection for the club and officers.
    • Optional event-specific insurance is available (i.e. for HPDE events, AutoX, official "club" events...)