North America

Club Benefits

ZCCA Club Membership has it's benefits!

With over 30 years of heritage in the ZCCA, we are a group of volunteers operating as a 501c not-for-profit to help the enthusiast community.

Membership benefits include program discounts, event discounts, club support and association with Z Car Club Association as a national body helping to coordinate and grow Z car clubs across North America.

Benefits for Member Clubs include:

  • Ability to obtain ZCCA Member Club stickers


  • Inclusion on our "Find a Club" map on


  • Listing as a club on the ZCON registration form.  This listing provides your club members with a discount of 5% on their base registration fees at ZCON.  Additionally, member clubs may have their club name printed on their ZCON event badge and event program.


  • Advice in a number of different areas of club activity and operation:
    • Tips on how to coordinate a new club.
    • Tips on how to attract new members to existing clubs.
    • Help with template documents for attracting sponsors for your events.
    • Assistance with connecting you with national and regional sponsors.
    • Assistance with sourcing event materials with our regular merchandise and trophy sources.


  • Liability insurance options to protect your club meets and motor-sport activities. Read the "FAQ" document on our Downloads page.



  • Z-Club Event Program Support
    • Ability to leverage our registration system and receive advice from our staff on setting up your online registration.
    • The ZCCA's "Event Support" program involves a "care-package" (often valued at $150-250) of ZCON or ZCCA merchandise.
      • Requests for these care-packages are based on availability and require 90-days minimum notice.


  • Help drive the future of the Z Car Club Association
    • Member clubs may have representatives participate in ZCON-week annual ZCCA business meeting.
    • Member clubs may participate in occasional online web/audio conference update sessions.
    • Member club representatives may proxy or vote in-person on ZCCA business.
    • Members of ZCCA clubs have the ability to run for positions in the ZCCA committee (as per by-laws).


  • Member Clubs have a voice to Nissan through the ZCCA.  They are part of a rich heritage of Z history and the ZCCA can raise concerns or questions on behalf of a club.

If you have any questions regarding the ZCCA club membership benefits, or would like to become a member, please contact us.