ZCCA Contacts

The ZCCA is committed to responding to your communication requests in a timely manner.  Please feel free to contact any of our committee members for assistance.


Christopher Karl
Executive Director
From:   Cleveland, Ohio
Email: dir@zcca.org
Phone: (440) 343-1664

Z Garage:

  • 1991 300zx TT Ultra-Modified “ZINISTR” 2003 Gold Cup #3
  • 1994 300zx Convertible “BREEZZY”
  • 1993 300zx Convertible TT
  • 2009 370z Nismo-Edition, #196

Todd Wagner
Associate Director
From:  Tidewater, VA
Email: assistdir@zcca.org

Z Garage:

  • 240z, 350Z, etc.

Gus Martinez
From:  Lake Worth, FL
Email: treas@zcca.org

Z Garage:

  • 2003 350Z (heavily modified)
  • 1990 300ZX TT
  • 1971 240Z

Fred Buoni
From:  Tidewater, VA
Email: sec@zcca.org

Z Garage:

  • 240z, 280Z

Michael M. “Mad Mike” Taylor
Liaison – Nissan Japan
From:  Grapevine, TX
Email: zmadmike@airmail.net

Z Garage:

  • 350z, NISMO body kit
  • 240z
  • Datsun Roadster

Ayon Dasgupta
Webmaster Team
From:  Austin, TX
Email: webmaster@zcca.org

Z Garage:

  • 1992 Nissan 300ZX 2+2 Twin Turbo conversion
  • 1974 Datsun 260Z (early model)

Nissan Garage:

  • 2004 Infiniti G35 Sedan



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