Club Renewal is Here!

The ZCCA club renewal period is every spring (right around March-April).  Gus Martinez, is the ZCCA Treasurer and handles contacting clubs about renewing their annual membership.  If your club has questions regarding renewing (or someone new should be contacted) please alert Gus – his email is:  Note, if you have questions about the optional moving event insurance to cover HPDE (track) days, AutoX or just your moving events (organized cruises) drop Gus a note for that as well.

We also have new ZCCA window decals available to member clubs as well.  We provide a small amount of these (10) with initial membership, but you can purchase as many as you’d like.  This, again, is within Gus’ realm of responsibility – drop him a note and I’m sure he’ll be happy to help you out or get someone on the committee involved who can field your questions.



jeastmanClub Renewal is Here!